tirsdag den 31. juli 2012

I'm too old for this..!

I've had way too much time off this summer, but courtesy of some amazing people it has also been the greatest summer in many, many years..
And it ain't over yet!

lørdag den 21. juli 2012

5 years already

We went to Billund for the weekend and celebrated her birthday in Legoland and Givskud Zoo with my in-laws, everything being their treat(because we didn't go to Spain with them last month)
Angel had so much fun all weekend and got a ton of presents; a bike helmet, sandals, dresses, toys. And there's more to come yet, from the rest of the family.
I still owe her a proper birthday cake though.

This one actually decided to sit on my foot, but I couldn't get a picture of that.
Cute, isn't he?

fredag den 13. juli 2012


"Mommy, you're not a real human.. You're a tiger! Turned into a human.."
Interesting point of view I must say..
Few minutes later, she fell asleep lying on my legs, head resting on my backside

Anyway, I've found myself standing at a crossroad, trying to decide which way to go.
I'm changing again. My life is changing.
Where do I want to go from here and what kind of person do I want to be in the future?
I'm not sure yet, but I know, I'm already changing drastically and it's quite exiting.
I wonder who will be standing by my side a year from now; which people will still earn that spot and who will be lost along the way.