søndag den 25. december 2011

The most amazing Christmas ever.

For the first time in my life, I have only gotten presents I have actually wished for..!
No sucky make up in quality and colours that I can't use, no pink towels, no knitted sweaters, no ugly tablecloths or candle holders or pictures of skycrapers/'vampires'/flowers or 'persian' carpets.
I want to brag a little, mostly because I am strongly exited. And I know this makes me sound very shallow and bitchy, but when you've worn black for 11 years and still get yellow shirts(three sizes too small or big) for Christmas, you get a little cranky. I think people either see it as a joke or seriously believe the black clothes is just a phase. What's wrong with wearing black??

Anyway, here we go:
-5 gift certificates for IKEA worth 2700,- (Big bookshelve and some new kitchen towels is being bought for some of the money)
-2 gift certificates for Salling worth 400,- (M.A.C make up!)
-OBHnordica digital kitchen scale (Cooking/baking/weighing cats and kittens)
-12 red wine, 12 white wine and 6 champagne glasses. (Finally! We love wine and already had 2 winebreathers. But no glasses.)
-Nuance wine pourer areator. (pure luxury!)
-Curtain for the kitchen window

Angel got a ton of toys and some clothes and she loves it all, she didn't even want desert or play the mandatory gift stealing game. I tugged her into my bed around midnight and she passed out immediately. We went to set up the TV and dvd we got her so she'd wake up to that. It's not a new TV, actually Jonas' old one from when he lived at home. But it works and she's happy.
Jonas got a book he really wanted(Game Of Thrones), tools, gift certificates and the wine glasses + areator was a joint gift for us. He decided I bought him Star Wars, but I don't really feel that's a gift from me so I think I'll give him some books in January(A Clash Of Kings and A Storm Of Swords)
Auntie and the boys loved their presents too. We'd bought a Beaute Pacifique Moisturizor for Auntie, a toaster for Dan and Glenn got money of same amount at their gifts so he can afford a quitar he really wants.
Dan is considering renting the small but ever so amazing apartment upstairs but I think it'll be a little too expensive for him. They left with the last train at 00:30..

Without intend, I made the food almost low fat. I didn't add any, used honey instead of sugar, poured away the grease, used low fat Greek yogurt instead of full fat creme fraise for the broccoli salad and skimmed milk for the sauce instead of cream. I'm quite satisfied with that. Think I'll stick to those recipes.

Well Christmas is not completely over yet though. Tomorrow we have family lunch with my parents, uncle, siblings etc. I'm not exactly looking forward to it, but they have a bunch of gifts for Angel, so I promised we'd come. BUT! If any of them is just the slightest bit intoxicated or they bring alcohol to the table, we'll be leaving in an instant.

fredag den 23. december 2011

The Night Before Christmas

For the past year, I have followed this girls blog. I've known her for years, though never really personally.
We've met occasionally at parties and other happenings, had a few conversations online over the years, but nothing special.
I must admit, I admire her. She seems so fragile and amazingly strong at the same time and she has quite a bunch of talents that fascinates me.
But even after following her blogs for this long, I rarely press 'send' when writing a comment. Simply because I don't want to seem like a stranger stalking her life..
I have often considered sending her a message saying I might just be a random stranger, but if she ever needs to talk, I have an ear. 'Cuz that girl's been through some tough stuff and still struggles with the consequences.
I never do it though. I know I couldn't offer her as much support and as close a friendship as she seems to deserve.  And to be honest, I haven't got the slightest clue weather or not she even likes my online attention or she'd rather I left her alone.

Anyway, it's Christmas eve tomorrow and I'm quite exited about it.. It won't be anything too fancy, just us three, my auntie and her two boys, I'm doing the cooking. Don't want my auntie to worry about the slightest thing this year, she really deserves a break and some pampering. We even bought a red wine I think she'll like, even though she so rarely let herself sit down with a glass..
The bedroom is stuffed with presents, mostly for Angel, from Jonas' family.. I wonder if any of us get anything from our wishlist, I doubt I will. But Angel will love anything she gets anyway, she's so exited just unwrapping stuff.
I have already prepared a ton of food and I keep thinking I should make more. Which is silly because I barely eat any of it myself. I just love making it.
But tomorrow is defiantly going to be amazing.

On another note:
She's now 8 weeks old, only 6 more to go before I can go get her!

mandag den 12. december 2011

And I know when I need it I can count on you, like four, three, two - You'll be there..

Bruno Mars - Count On Me

1½ year ago, you stepped through the front door to my heart for the first time and decided you wouldn't walk out again.
I am still ever so love struck and so lucky to have you..


I have set a bunch of goals for the upcoming year and there are other stuff that needs to be delt with. And then there are all the stuff I dream of doing..
So I decided to make a list which I will refer to during next year, check off what's been done etc.

Needs to be done:
-Pay all old bills.
-Help Felina through birth and motherhood for the first time and find good homes for the kittens.
-Bring down my absence rate at school.
-Catch up on schoolwork and home assignments.
-Sort and organize the basement.
-Get bookshelves and unpack the last boxes.

-Find good tenant for apartment upstairs(must love cats).
-Pay and pick up Shirley in beginning of February
-Fix, fence in and redecorate garden before June.
-Have 1 full month with no sick-days from school before April.
-Take better care of my health, body and looks.
-Get in shape and lose 5kg.

-Borrow my grandfathers summer residence for a week during summer with Angel and Jonas.
-Mini vacation in London with Jonas during summer or fall.
-Get lots of beauty products from Soap&Glory, new makeup and extensions.
-Lose 10 kg.

I might add more later on, but for now, this is it.

mandag den 5. december 2011

Acute Bronchitis

I couldn't just settle with the common cold, now, could I..
No I had to go and get borderline pneumonia and make a fool out of myself at the Doctor's clinic..
Better take it from the start..
The last 2 months, I've had the flu, a bladder infection, a sore throat and then a cold. The cold got a real good hold of my lousy immune system and started developing from a sniffle to coughing and on to me barely being able to breath, still coughing and in quite a lot of pain. It kept me awake all through last night and this morning, I felt like a truck had run over me once or twice. So I gave in and called the clinic.
It's located less than 1 km from our house and yet the trip up there left me dizzy and heaving for my breath and I was slightly panicking. As soon as my new Doctor looked at me and said I surely didn't look too good, if I had problems catching my breath, I could barely hold back tears and whimpered "I just want to breath but it hurts".
He caught me completely off guard with his kindness, I'm not used to that from doctors.
The poor man reflected my panic, guided me to the couch to lie down and ran off to get one of the older Doctors.
The older one got me to sit up, brought me tissues for my tears and running nose, caressed my back and told me ever so kindly to relax and try to take a real deep breath and hold it in. I couldn't do it, it made me cough and up came a few bloody stains. Through blurry eyes, I saw a worried frown. He noticed my dizziness and made me lie down before I fainted completely.
They listened to my lungs, drew a blood smear, listened some more and tried to make me relax more.
After about 10 minutes the older one told me he imagined I must be in a lot of pain because it seemed I had Acute Bronchitis and had a few minor lacerations on my mucosals which explained the blood.
There was a little attempted chitchat about where I lived(freaky that the old one knew the exact house without me saying anything but the street name) and what education I was doing. They were a little worried that I was to walk home alone but I assured them I was a lot less panicky and it was not that far away. Besides I has to drop by the pharmacy right on the way.
They prescribed  some pills that would both sooth the cough and the pain and I was well on my way.

As soon as I exited the clinic, clutching the prescription, the biggest and most beautiful snowflake hit my jacket and I couldn't help but smile..
I absolutely love winter and was worried I'd miss my annual walk in the very first snow fall.. And this is by far the best treatment I have ever had by clinic doctors.