mandag den 12. december 2011


I have set a bunch of goals for the upcoming year and there are other stuff that needs to be delt with. And then there are all the stuff I dream of doing..
So I decided to make a list which I will refer to during next year, check off what's been done etc.

Needs to be done:
-Pay all old bills.
-Help Felina through birth and motherhood for the first time and find good homes for the kittens.
-Bring down my absence rate at school.
-Catch up on schoolwork and home assignments.
-Sort and organize the basement.
-Get bookshelves and unpack the last boxes.

-Find good tenant for apartment upstairs(must love cats).
-Pay and pick up Shirley in beginning of February
-Fix, fence in and redecorate garden before June.
-Have 1 full month with no sick-days from school before April.
-Take better care of my health, body and looks.
-Get in shape and lose 5kg.

-Borrow my grandfathers summer residence for a week during summer with Angel and Jonas.
-Mini vacation in London with Jonas during summer or fall.
-Get lots of beauty products from Soap&Glory, new makeup and extensions.
-Lose 10 kg.

I might add more later on, but for now, this is it.

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