søndag den 25. december 2011

The most amazing Christmas ever.

For the first time in my life, I have only gotten presents I have actually wished for..!
No sucky make up in quality and colours that I can't use, no pink towels, no knitted sweaters, no ugly tablecloths or candle holders or pictures of skycrapers/'vampires'/flowers or 'persian' carpets.
I want to brag a little, mostly because I am strongly exited. And I know this makes me sound very shallow and bitchy, but when you've worn black for 11 years and still get yellow shirts(three sizes too small or big) for Christmas, you get a little cranky. I think people either see it as a joke or seriously believe the black clothes is just a phase. What's wrong with wearing black??

Anyway, here we go:
-5 gift certificates for IKEA worth 2700,- (Big bookshelve and some new kitchen towels is being bought for some of the money)
-2 gift certificates for Salling worth 400,- (M.A.C make up!)
-OBHnordica digital kitchen scale (Cooking/baking/weighing cats and kittens)
-12 red wine, 12 white wine and 6 champagne glasses. (Finally! We love wine and already had 2 winebreathers. But no glasses.)
-Nuance wine pourer areator. (pure luxury!)
-Curtain for the kitchen window

Angel got a ton of toys and some clothes and she loves it all, she didn't even want desert or play the mandatory gift stealing game. I tugged her into my bed around midnight and she passed out immediately. We went to set up the TV and dvd we got her so she'd wake up to that. It's not a new TV, actually Jonas' old one from when he lived at home. But it works and she's happy.
Jonas got a book he really wanted(Game Of Thrones), tools, gift certificates and the wine glasses + areator was a joint gift for us. He decided I bought him Star Wars, but I don't really feel that's a gift from me so I think I'll give him some books in January(A Clash Of Kings and A Storm Of Swords)
Auntie and the boys loved their presents too. We'd bought a Beaute Pacifique Moisturizor for Auntie, a toaster for Dan and Glenn got money of same amount at their gifts so he can afford a quitar he really wants.
Dan is considering renting the small but ever so amazing apartment upstairs but I think it'll be a little too expensive for him. They left with the last train at 00:30..

Without intend, I made the food almost low fat. I didn't add any, used honey instead of sugar, poured away the grease, used low fat Greek yogurt instead of full fat creme fraise for the broccoli salad and skimmed milk for the sauce instead of cream. I'm quite satisfied with that. Think I'll stick to those recipes.

Well Christmas is not completely over yet though. Tomorrow we have family lunch with my parents, uncle, siblings etc. I'm not exactly looking forward to it, but they have a bunch of gifts for Angel, so I promised we'd come. BUT! If any of them is just the slightest bit intoxicated or they bring alcohol to the table, we'll be leaving in an instant.

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