mandag den 2. januar 2012

New years eve 2011-2012

Even though it's just the three of us, we've still decided to make it fancy.

Starter - Shrimp Coctail
I used this recipe  but replaced the creme fraise with low fat Greek yoghurt(2%)
Main Course - Sushi
We've ordered the new years menu from SushiSushi.
Desert - Tiramisu w. Baileys
I used Gordon Ramsey's easy Tiramisu recipe which I found here and used Baileys instead of Marsala. And I made it the night before.
(I might add pictures later on if any of them turned out good)

It was absolutely amazing!
The day was quite relaxing, we got out of bed late and I had to go feed a friends cats and pick up the sushi. Jonas cleaned meanwhile so I could start making the shrimp cocktails when I came home. Angel was a bit weary and cranky all day, showed up she had a fever. She was ever so exited about the fireworks though!
We went outside a bit before midnight and I got the biggest, most intense kiss when the fireworks started. We only stayed out for about 10 minutes though, Angel and I doesn't fancy the loud noises that much. Besides, from our bedroom window, we could see half the towns fireworks and our neighbor sure went at it.
Angel was then put to bed and the rest of the night was spend watching Bleach and cuddling on the couch..
Not to forget the amazing sex early in the morning.

Back to Bleach.
For years I refused to watch it, claiming it would absolutely never win my interest. I'd seem a few minutes here and there and it did not seem the least bit appealing to me..
But Jonas managed to talk me into it. "Just a few of the first episodes and if you don't like it, I'll let it go."
Well needless to say I was hooked from the start.

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