mandag den 11. marts 2013

And with spring comes promises of better days..

The snow is gone, the ground is thawed, the first flowers has sprouted and the sun shines brighter with each day passing.
And the bad days are further and further apart..

I started a course to learn how to manage my depression and panic, my meds and vitamins are slowly taking effect and I take everything one day at the time, in my own time.
The psyhcologist leading the course told us we have to remember to do things that makes us happy or feel good which reminded me of the things I used to do for myself that I really enjoyed.
I used to spend one evening a week giving myself a spa treatment; take a long shower, use a delicious body scrub and hairmask, shave my legs, put on a nice moisturiser and give myself a nice mani -and pedicure.
I used to always wear nail polish! But for the past 2 years, I've only owned a single, black one that I have ever so rarely used.
Why did I stop..? And why did I stop doing my amazing footbaths that I absolutely loved doing?
I'm going to change that, starting today.

Well actually, I started last week when I went out and bought 3 new nail polishes(elf Mysterious collection; Purple Dream, Metal Madness, Dark Navy) and a top and base coat from Essie.

Nail polish also seems to be a new obsession of mine.
I haven't even opened any of my new ones yet, but I already have a list of other I have to own. And I'll venture far away from my usual comfort zone of dark; I want browns, beiges, turquoise, pinks, purples sparkles, bright colors and I want to epxeriment with different nail arts and techniques.