fredag den 7. december 2012

Late night snack or early morning breakfast?

It's now 05:07 and it seems I'll be pulling yet another all night'er.
Seeing as tossing and turning is only fun for so long, I've prepared a small plate of cheese, crackers and fruit along with a cup of tea, and at the moment I can't decide weather it would count as a late night snack or very early breakfast.
Anyway, I decided to share some very good news with you.

Angel has been accepted to Skipper Clements International School!
She'll be starting in August 2013 and all of her education, except danish lessons, will be taught in english.
The school is part of University Of Cambridge International Examination Center which means they mostly follow the International Primary Curriculum. As in the all international examination system that is used in 150 different countries.
This school litterally opens up the world for her. When she's old enough, she can continue studying in any of the 150 countries if she pleases.

It's a private school and aside from the amazing education system and the oppotunities that follows, the teachers also seem really nice and engaged in the kids developement and the school has a zero tolerance policy for bullying. There's also a very close school-home cooperation.

I'm quite exited. I didnt think she'd get in because they have more than 120 candidates  each year but only 22 seats in the class.
But she got in!

Oh and merry christmas, btw ^-^