søndag den 26. februar 2012

I don't want to rule the world

-I just want to run my own life..

I'm currently stuck at this song, playing it on repeat.
Rolling In The Deep by Rachel and Jessie from Glee..
I find his voice so.. So incredibly sexy... In this song..

Anyway, we threw a housewarming party this Friday and it was possibly one of the most amusing parties I have thrown, if not the most amusing.
Aside from the mandatory drama that is. But that was fairly easy dealt with, non of my concern for the most parts.
Although I had to take Shirley to the vet around the time people started arriving.
I got to introduce some spiritual people to each other, weird people out with my sense of snacks when serving wasabi covered nuts, study people I haven't really studied before.
And again I managed to keep my alcohol intake at a moderate level, remembering to drink plenty water in between. But oooh the caffeine! I'm out of practice with that one, I must admit.
Barely any nudity this time, though. Not that I mind, it wasn't called for.
When the party died out in the early morning hours, I took the bespectacled youngster for a walk. I figured he could use the air and I find him quite interesting. His curiosity of everything and the fact that he really is one of the most intelligent yet blank people I have ever met(you're reading this; still no offence, it's rather adorable) is somewhat uplifting and exiting.

My Sunshine will be moving here in a month, to temporarily live at my couch until job and education has been acquired. It'll be good for her to finally move away from a place that brings her nothing but frustration and sorrow.
She has to change her way of seeing the world though, it's not as bad as she thinks. Life is not as hard if you don't will it to be.

Shirley is starting to settle in well. She got pink eye so I took her to the vet who has to be the most awesome vet I have met. Think we'll stick to them in the future.
Felina sleeps most of the day, her nipples are swollen and she will eat anything, even if I just fed her. This is a good sign, that means kittens soon enough.

At this very moment, I look to my left to see Jonas sitting with Felina on his lab, Dragon Ball on the screen, headphones in place and that content smile on his lips. I've been told he hasn't always been like this, he wasn't like this until he met me.. I like that..
I'm quite very lucky to have a man like him..

fredag den 17. februar 2012

-3 kg

I'm fairly satisfied with that.
I'm not there yet, but at least something's happening. I feel better. My clothes fits better.

We're picking up Shirley tomorrow. I can't wait to meet her, feel her fur between my fingers, hear her voice, see the soul that hides behind those moss green eyes.
I need to make some preparations before though, hide all electric cores, cover the cracks behind the book shelve so she doesn't get stuck. Stuff like that.

My Sunshine might move here sooner than planned. We're looking for jobs, I offered her my couch without time limit. She's talking to the schools about making the transfer.
The bespectacled boy is good for her, he's honest and kind. It's adorable when he takes in her scent and she freaks out from the intimacy.

I'm so incredibly scatter minded today, my head feels heavy, clouded.
Thank goodness this is the last day before spring vacation.

mandag den 13. februar 2012

Don't Bang Denmark

This book is written by a dude who claims that Danish girls are masculine, hostile and unresponsive to normal compliments. They don't know how to flirt, they're boring in bed and accordingly have 'bodies like Pepsi cans'. They want to be strong and smart instead of sexy and alluring, they can't cook and have no humor.
Our teacher wants to anger the girls in my class and create debate and she succeeded.. Though I don't see why..
I can't help but pity the writer, what kind of women mustn't he have met..
But then again, looking at him, you're tempted to think women simply just didn't find him worthy of their flirtatious attention..

I just updated the kitties website because in less than a week, Shirley moves in and at this very moment, Felina is visiting a beautiful male called Izmir who is from the same lines as Enigma. So we're expanding the family quite a bit over the next couple of months, kittens are expected in week 16. Due date being my birthday actually..
So if you're considering a Maine Coon, keep an eye on the website!
Actually, I already have the first reservation. Ayla decided she's love a female from me and I would love for her to have one of my precious babies.

My sunshine is visiting, staying until the 25th. I haven't seen her since August and we've both had a lot happening in those 7 month passing. It feels good to have her back and it's obvious that it does her a lot of good too. And having the spikey haired, young gentleman visiting too only adds some extra +'es.
I can't remember when I last saw a 'couple' being so natural and cute together..
She really needs to move to Aalborg soon..

I've started drawing, but I can't seem to find the right mood which annoys me to no end. I have the picture in my mind, just waiting to be put down on paper, but it doesn't come as natural to me as it used to do when I was younger. It's been 2 years since the last drawing I made.
I used to draw constantly, my fingers almost a permanent shade of gray from the pencil. I miss that.
On the contrary, my fan-fiction is coming along nicely. I'm currently working on the 8th chapter and I plan on making no more than 10-11..

Think that was it for now..