søndag den 26. februar 2012

I don't want to rule the world

-I just want to run my own life..

I'm currently stuck at this song, playing it on repeat.
Rolling In The Deep by Rachel and Jessie from Glee..
I find his voice so.. So incredibly sexy... In this song..

Anyway, we threw a housewarming party this Friday and it was possibly one of the most amusing parties I have thrown, if not the most amusing.
Aside from the mandatory drama that is. But that was fairly easy dealt with, non of my concern for the most parts.
Although I had to take Shirley to the vet around the time people started arriving.
I got to introduce some spiritual people to each other, weird people out with my sense of snacks when serving wasabi covered nuts, study people I haven't really studied before.
And again I managed to keep my alcohol intake at a moderate level, remembering to drink plenty water in between. But oooh the caffeine! I'm out of practice with that one, I must admit.
Barely any nudity this time, though. Not that I mind, it wasn't called for.
When the party died out in the early morning hours, I took the bespectacled youngster for a walk. I figured he could use the air and I find him quite interesting. His curiosity of everything and the fact that he really is one of the most intelligent yet blank people I have ever met(you're reading this; still no offence, it's rather adorable) is somewhat uplifting and exiting.

My Sunshine will be moving here in a month, to temporarily live at my couch until job and education has been acquired. It'll be good for her to finally move away from a place that brings her nothing but frustration and sorrow.
She has to change her way of seeing the world though, it's not as bad as she thinks. Life is not as hard if you don't will it to be.

Shirley is starting to settle in well. She got pink eye so I took her to the vet who has to be the most awesome vet I have met. Think we'll stick to them in the future.
Felina sleeps most of the day, her nipples are swollen and she will eat anything, even if I just fed her. This is a good sign, that means kittens soon enough.

At this very moment, I look to my left to see Jonas sitting with Felina on his lab, Dragon Ball on the screen, headphones in place and that content smile on his lips. I've been told he hasn't always been like this, he wasn't like this until he met me.. I like that..
I'm quite very lucky to have a man like him..

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