fredag den 17. februar 2012

-3 kg

I'm fairly satisfied with that.
I'm not there yet, but at least something's happening. I feel better. My clothes fits better.

We're picking up Shirley tomorrow. I can't wait to meet her, feel her fur between my fingers, hear her voice, see the soul that hides behind those moss green eyes.
I need to make some preparations before though, hide all electric cores, cover the cracks behind the book shelve so she doesn't get stuck. Stuff like that.

My Sunshine might move here sooner than planned. We're looking for jobs, I offered her my couch without time limit. She's talking to the schools about making the transfer.
The bespectacled boy is good for her, he's honest and kind. It's adorable when he takes in her scent and she freaks out from the intimacy.

I'm so incredibly scatter minded today, my head feels heavy, clouded.
Thank goodness this is the last day before spring vacation.

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