mandag den 21. november 2011


I didn't say what..
It's his new crazy idea, getting married.

Anyway, we're slowly settling in, getting adjusted to the new routines. We lack a bookshelves or two, though, but I hope that'll be fixed after Christmas. I fancy a white corner model from Ikea and I know I'll get a gift certificate for Christmas.
Further more, we have totally falling in love with a little fur-ball from the same place I got Felina.
Her name is Shirley and I'm paying the deposit for her next week, told Jonas all I want for Christmas is a little financial help with her and he seems quite alright with that.
I am so exited about getting her, can't wait to go get her in 11 weeks! I'll get pictures and development description of her every week until then.
She's from really good lines, a mix of Danish, German and Finnish. Her parents are both big, 5 and 8 kg.
I already plan on taking her to her first show in March.

Jonas family is very iffy about presents and whether we get them the right stuff or not, especially his sister. I'm not really the Christmas present kinda person, I don't want anything. But apparently I have to get something and I have to get the right stuff and designer brand for them. Jonas decided to take care of that, though. I have plenty other things to spend money on. Jonas, Angel and the cats that is.
But the wishlist everybody seems to demand from me looks something like this
1.Gift-certificate to Ikea.
2.Maretials to fence in the garden at spring
3. Money for above mentioned.
I really hope to get some of the materials and not another baby blue sweater or leaf-green dress. I need the materials, not more clothes.

On another note, I really need to pull my stuff together and keep up with schoolwork. I plan on spending most of the holidays catching up on everything, i'm a little behind in a few classes.

lørdag den 12. november 2011


My beloved mystery has left my side. Hopefully to be at a better place.

3. April 2005 - 21. Oktober 2011
After almost 2 years with behavior issues, it was a tough decision to let her go.
She was a great companion for 6½ year and she will always have a special place in my heart.

I have taken her to several vets a dusin times to figure out what the problem was; why did she often pee outside the litterbox? Dirty, clean, it didn't matter. Why did she in periods become aggressive and lash out for no reason at Felina? Why did she seek solitude most of the time. Why did being neutered not stop the peeing?
No vet seemed to be able to find anything physically wrong with her, but at her last visit, a theory came up.
The new vet told me that he suspected all the problems could have been caused by a small bleed in her brain. It would cause the sudden behavior and personality change. But nothing more could be done by now.
He told me I had made the right decision but I still cried my eyes out. 
I caressed her and stroke her soft fur even after her heart stopped beating. It was too hard to really let her go.
Jonas brought her out to the house and buried her in the garden for me.
Now she lies under the big apple tree. It's soothing to know she's still close even though she's not really there.

So this is why I currently only have one cat..