onsdag den 6. oktober 2010

Just another lovestruck blog

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You Are My Rock

Oh oh oh I, oh oh oh I 
If I wrote a book about where we stand 
The title of my book would be "Life with Superman" That's how you make me feel I count you as a privilege This love is so ideal 
I'm honored to be in it 
I know you feel the same I see it everyday 
And all the things you do And all the things you say You are my rock 
Baby you're the truth 
You are my rock 
I love to rock with you 
You are my rock 
You're everything I need 
You are my rock 
So baby rock with me 
I wanna kiss ya, feel ya, please ya just right 
I wanna touch ya, love ya, baby all night 
Reward ya, for all the things you do 
You are my rock 
I love to rock with you 
I love to rock with you Oh oh oh I 
If I wanna try to count the ways You make me smile 
I'll run out of fingers Before I run out of time 
Theres things to talk about Sugar you keeps it going on 
Make me wanna keep my lovin strong 
Make me wanna try my best 
To give you what you want and what you need 
Give you my whole heart, not just a little piece 
More than a minimum, 
I'm talking everything 
More than a single wish, 
I'm talking every dream 
You are my rock 
Baby you're the truth 
You are my rock 
I love to rock with you 
You are my rock 
You're everything I need 
You are my rock 
So baby rock with me 
I wanna kiss ya, feel ya, please ya just right 
I wanna touch ya, love ya, baby all night 
Reward ya, for all the things you do 
You are my rock 
I love to rock with you 
I wanna rock with you 
If There's options I dont want them 
They're not worth my time 
Cause if it's not you, oh no thank you I like us just fine 
You're a rock in the sand You're a smile in a cry You're my joy through the pain 
You're the truth through the lies 
No matter what I do I know that I can count on you Oh oh oh I, oh oh oh I 
You are my roc 
Baby you're the truth 
You are my roc 
I love to rock with you 
You are my rock 
You're everything I need 
You are my rock 
So baby rock with me 
I wanna kiss ya, feel ya, please ya just right 
I wanna touch ya, love ya, baby all night 
Reward ya, for all the things you do 
You are my rock 
I love to rock with you 
I love to rock with you Oh oh oh I, oh oh oh I 
I wanna kiss ya, feel ya, please ya just right 
I wanna touch ya, love ya, baby all night 
Reward ya, for all the things you do 
You are my rock 
I love to rock with you 
I wanna rock with you

onsdag den 29. september 2010

"I'm yours with heart, body and soul" he tells me

Okay, I caved, I gave in, I fell..
After months of denying, refusing and swearing it would never happen, I let myself fall so in love..
Soon to be a month ago, the 7th of september to be exact, I told him just to tease him(because I knew what he was hiding and how bad he wanted it) that the day before we had been lovers for a month.
'Unfortunatly', my teasing backfired when he threw the "so I guess I could say 'happy delayed one month anniversery, honey' " with a big smile on his face, knowing it would make me tick and want to flee...
About an hour later when cuddling on the couch, he went and asked me if we should make it official or if I wanted to deny it for another months time. I dodged and said I didn't want to talk about things like that with Angel awake and whining, hoping he would leave it be.
But no...
As soon as he was sure she was fast asleep, he pinned me to the couch, making sure I wouldn't just flee and told me he wanted an answer, a simple yes or no. And oh how I wanted to flee, run away and hide..
But looking into those bright, forest coloured eyes and feeling those strong arms, warm wrapped around me; tight but softly, I knew I didn't really want to go anywhere, I just wanted to stay put. I wanted him to be mine and I his and even though the realisation made me panic inside and every fiber of my mind and body was screaming to get away, my heart told me to stay..
And so I did..

I still barely believe it's true, I keep thinking it'll end any time now, that it isn't real..
I didn't think I would ever really fall in love again, and especially not now..
But he keeps reassuring me that it's real, he ain't going anywhere and there isn't anything he won't do for me and if he mess up, he'll do anything to mend it and not repeat it..
He don't mind my mess, my quirks, my flaws, my tendenses to jealousy don't even bother him..

Every day that goes by, every kiss, every sweet word whispered into my ear, every decleration of his love, all maked me fall more and more in love with him..

mandag den 30. august 2010

Am I ready?

At the foot of the mountain, I think it through, am I ready?
Through twisted paths, steep climbs and stormy weather, I mount it.
At the top of the mountain, I breath deeply, am I ready?
Through wind and snow and biting cold, I run across it.
At the edge of the mountain, I panic, am I ready?


mandag den 23. august 2010

The Perfect Date.

-except, it wasn't really a date, now, was it?
Anyway, my sister picked up Angel Saturday afternoon and I just had time for a shower and getting dressed before the skagen guy who is now gonna be called Tiger in here, came and decided he wanted to take me out for sushi like he promised a long time ago.
We ended up at Sushi Sushi where I told him to take lead and order so he decided to let the chef surprise us with their best.
And I must say it was great. I love sushi! And he was the perfect company for this experience, my first time on a fancy sushi restaurant.

As we ended the the meal with some hot Sake, we agreed that we were defiantly doing this again. But without the Flyfish caviar next time, we just don't trust that bright orange stuff. This concept created a lot of fun during the evening.
Aftwerwards we took a stroll on the harbor, watching the water, kissing and cuddling, talking about what a great romantic evening this was, despite the lack of romance and that we weren't a couple.
So we went to Irish House for a few drinks and a laugh before taking a stroll down Jomfruanegade and having a few drinks at the Rock Café before deciding it was time to go home.
Sunday, we spend most of the day in the nude, cuddling, teasing and just relaxing before separating.
It was amazing...


lørdag den 21. august 2010

Pizza buns

The time is close to midnight, I'm sitting in my kitchen waiting for the dow to swell. I'm making pizza buns.
I find myself thinking of the past two weeks and how much time we've spend together, how much we text each other when apart and how fond I've grown of his company.
This is a bad thing.
Because along with those cozy evenings, snuggled up on the couch together, the cuddling in late nights and early mornings, the deep and intense kisses, a little green beast starts to wake and roam around a little. Thoughts and worries I have no interest in or right to have starts to form in my mind and I push them away quickly.
I should probably have a talk with him about this and take a little break away from him, not having him around for a while.


mandag den 9. august 2010

Pets, kids and my girls

I here by officially reclaim ownership of the skagen guy as my pet!
It's been a fun way getting here..
We pretty much ended up spending most of the weekend together, partying friday, not leaving his bed until late afternoon saturday, sunday he bought dinner and stayed at my papa's place to watch movies with me efter my papa, sister and brother in law had left..
We've talked alot about trust and he seems very precistent on getting me to trust him...
Well, he seems very precistent on getting real close to me all together, expecially when being drunk. When drunk, he reveals more than I think he wish to, expecially his desire to be close to me and be the one to be there for me.
Last weekend at at party, in his very, very unsober condition he made the mistake of bluring out that he'd fallen for me. Of course he denies it now, saying it was just the alcohol talking and I truely hope that's true.
I'm still not sure what to make of it all, I still don't trust him and I have a hard time letting go of what he did before... But I do enjoy his company, teasing him and his attempt to convince me to trust him...

Angel started kindergarden and she seems really fond of it, so much actually, that she barely has time for breakfast in the morning and when she comes home she's so worn out and tired from all the new and playing that she's whining and crying until she passes out on the couch right before dinner, with the result that getting her to sleep in the evening is hard..
But I guess it's just a matter of time until we're back in a steady rhythm and she calms down..
So far, I'm not all satisfied with the mentioned kindergarden and it's staff. I barely know anything about who works there, who does what and how it all goes around during a day there. No one tells me how Angel's been doing and they don't seem to care much about personal contact.
If it keeps up this week out too, I'm sitting them down on monday to talk about it. I need to know what goes on in my 3 year old daughters life when I'm not around and I need to know the people looking after her many hours of the days is actually really looking after her..

My sunshine was here last week, helping me and Angel while she started kindergarden and I'm sure I wasn't much fun company most of the time, being so tired due to my constant lack of sleep.
But she's a great girl and she's always okay with my weird daily rhythm and we had a good time, shopping lingerie for us and clothes for Angel again. It's a tradition when she's here already.
She wasn't all that happy meeting the skagen guy wenedsday for a movie night but Seth fell in her taste just fine, I knew they would get along just fine.

I worry about the hippie alot, she was tested negative for ulcers and they're pretty sure she's got gallstones. And yet they make her wait for weeks for the examination and probably months to get them removed. I really can't understand how they leave people in pain for so long like that and I really wish they would just do something about it now instead so she doesn't have to be in pain constantly.
On top of the constant pain, she's starting at the university in a few weeks and she's moving in a few days and I can't help her much with any of it because I have Angel acting the way she does when coming home and my lack of sleep...
But I will try and help her unpack and give her some company.. I miss her..

I guess that's all for now though I could rant on alot more about useless info... But I'll stop here today..

mandag den 28. juni 2010

Another Nightly Walk

Lonely, in the night, I walk,
Seeing nothing but the shadows of a days life.
Or that of the next.
Lonely, I walk, surrounded by the soothing calm of night.
Feeling the dark wrapped around me like a safety blanket.
Or a safe distance.
Lonely, in the midst of the night, I walk.
Like many other nights before.

lørdag den 26. juni 2010

Torsdag aften

Det var en god aften...

onsdag den 26. maj 2010

Projekt Blond

Besluttede lige at lave en oversigt over mit projekt...

Februar 2010

Begyndelse Marts 2010

Slut Marts 2010 - og en lille smule fuld ;P

April 2010 - almost there..

En tur til frisøren i næste uge med min søs skulle gerne afslutte projektet og så er jeg nærmest helt hvidhåret...
Det er planen hvertfald...

onsdag den 3. marts 2010

My sweet, perfect, little Angel

I just tugged Angel back in, she woke up at 00:30 and caught my attention by calling ever so gently "mommy... i love you.."
So I just had to go pick her up and hold her close to me and she held on to me tightly asking if we could go into the livingroom.. Of course we could..  So we snuck under my covers on the couch and just sat there, cuddeling and again "i love you mommy".. I just had to tell her what a wonderful miracle she is to me and she smiles as if she really understood and snuggled closer to me..
It wasn't long though before she looked up at me and said "you crying... why you crying mommy?"
I just smiled and told her it was because I am so happy to have her, that it was happy tears... She is the most wonderful little creature and I am truely the luckiest mother in the world..
I tugged her in in her own bed after 20 minutes and with the words "my mommy loves me so much" she fell asleep...
And I still can't stop crying..
But it truely is happy tears....