mandag den 23. august 2010

The Perfect Date.

-except, it wasn't really a date, now, was it?
Anyway, my sister picked up Angel Saturday afternoon and I just had time for a shower and getting dressed before the skagen guy who is now gonna be called Tiger in here, came and decided he wanted to take me out for sushi like he promised a long time ago.
We ended up at Sushi Sushi where I told him to take lead and order so he decided to let the chef surprise us with their best.
And I must say it was great. I love sushi! And he was the perfect company for this experience, my first time on a fancy sushi restaurant.

As we ended the the meal with some hot Sake, we agreed that we were defiantly doing this again. But without the Flyfish caviar next time, we just don't trust that bright orange stuff. This concept created a lot of fun during the evening.
Aftwerwards we took a stroll on the harbor, watching the water, kissing and cuddling, talking about what a great romantic evening this was, despite the lack of romance and that we weren't a couple.
So we went to Irish House for a few drinks and a laugh before taking a stroll down Jomfruanegade and having a few drinks at the Rock Café before deciding it was time to go home.
Sunday, we spend most of the day in the nude, cuddling, teasing and just relaxing before separating.
It was amazing...


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