fredag den 11. januar 2013

My Lovely Ladies

They deserve the absolute best!
And when I have the oppotuity to spoil them, I can't help myself. Which is why, aside from their regular food, I ordered another brand that has bigger bites to help them keep their teeth clean and healthy.
I also got them snacks with the same purpos.
The food they get is with as high percentage of meat and protiens as possible and as little unnescessary fillers suchs as grains, potato etc. Cats are solely carnivorus and have no need for complex carbohydrates like humans do.

The ladies usual food is Porta 21 Feline Finest - Grain free.
Contains 80% chicken; crude protiens and fat.

The new stuff we're trying is Animonda vom Feinsten Deluxe Grandis.
Contains 42% mixed foul; crude protiens, fat and fibers.

For snacks, I got them Smilla Toothies.
Contains 50% mix of foul and fish; crude protiens, fat ad fiber. Also contains herbes and berries that they would naturally get from the inside of mice and birds stomachs.

Aside from this, they also often get raw salmon, chicken, cod roe and occassionally bacon if I'm about to cook it.
I've been looking to see if I could find chicken hearts and liver anywhere, but it seems I can't even get it from the butcher.

And of course, I couldn't help myself and ended up ordering this vanilla scented littersand I found, because I'm extremely curious. Does it actually smell like vanilla when the cats have done their business? and what does the ladies think of that?
That would be Cat&Clean de Luxe vanilla scented.

Also, I seem to have fallen for this boy that I probably can't have. He lives in London and there's just  something about those golden eyes that caught me.

Anyway, assuming my economy won't be too unstable while I'm on sick leave, it should be possible to have the garden done and fenced in within a couple of months. I would really like that.


PS. I need better pictures of Shirley.