onsdag den 29. september 2010

"I'm yours with heart, body and soul" he tells me

Okay, I caved, I gave in, I fell..
After months of denying, refusing and swearing it would never happen, I let myself fall so in love..
Soon to be a month ago, the 7th of september to be exact, I told him just to tease him(because I knew what he was hiding and how bad he wanted it) that the day before we had been lovers for a month.
'Unfortunatly', my teasing backfired when he threw the "so I guess I could say 'happy delayed one month anniversery, honey' " with a big smile on his face, knowing it would make me tick and want to flee...
About an hour later when cuddling on the couch, he went and asked me if we should make it official or if I wanted to deny it for another months time. I dodged and said I didn't want to talk about things like that with Angel awake and whining, hoping he would leave it be.
But no...
As soon as he was sure she was fast asleep, he pinned me to the couch, making sure I wouldn't just flee and told me he wanted an answer, a simple yes or no. And oh how I wanted to flee, run away and hide..
But looking into those bright, forest coloured eyes and feeling those strong arms, warm wrapped around me; tight but softly, I knew I didn't really want to go anywhere, I just wanted to stay put. I wanted him to be mine and I his and even though the realisation made me panic inside and every fiber of my mind and body was screaming to get away, my heart told me to stay..
And so I did..

I still barely believe it's true, I keep thinking it'll end any time now, that it isn't real..
I didn't think I would ever really fall in love again, and especially not now..
But he keeps reassuring me that it's real, he ain't going anywhere and there isn't anything he won't do for me and if he mess up, he'll do anything to mend it and not repeat it..
He don't mind my mess, my quirks, my flaws, my tendenses to jealousy don't even bother him..

Every day that goes by, every kiss, every sweet word whispered into my ear, every decleration of his love, all maked me fall more and more in love with him..

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