onsdag den 3. marts 2010

My sweet, perfect, little Angel

I just tugged Angel back in, she woke up at 00:30 and caught my attention by calling ever so gently "mommy... i love you.."
So I just had to go pick her up and hold her close to me and she held on to me tightly asking if we could go into the livingroom.. Of course we could..  So we snuck under my covers on the couch and just sat there, cuddeling and again "i love you mommy".. I just had to tell her what a wonderful miracle she is to me and she smiles as if she really understood and snuggled closer to me..
It wasn't long though before she looked up at me and said "you crying... why you crying mommy?"
I just smiled and told her it was because I am so happy to have her, that it was happy tears... She is the most wonderful little creature and I am truely the luckiest mother in the world..
I tugged her in in her own bed after 20 minutes and with the words "my mommy loves me so much" she fell asleep...
And I still can't stop crying..
But it truely is happy tears....


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