tirsdag den 17. januar 2012


I will be the first to admit that I am easily lured into obsession..
Especially when it comes to books, Manga and Anime. But Trivial everyday things like make up also come to occupy my mind easily..

For the past two weeks, I have meant to write about several subjects. One being an amazing birthday party that the hippie held..
But I have been completely caught up in my own little world called Obsession.
First it was make up because I realized I barely had any anymore and I really wanted something proper this time.. So I started studying brands and tutorials to learn new looks(I swear to pixiwoo on youtube btw!). I've spoiled myself with some M.A.C eye shadows and Avon eyeliners. Have a ton of other things in mind I want to get over the next few months.
But make up is not what keeps me awake until 5 in the morning or make my fingers tingle to start working on a new project.
Bleach is..
We have now seen 297 episodes, have about 50 more before we've caught up on the newly released ones. I've started reading fan-fictions, studying fan-art and started some work on my own. I absolutely love it! I have not been this swallowed up in anything in years.
Unfortunatly, my lover is not used to seeing me like this, being completely ignores for hours at the time. I have to assure him, no I don't love him any less, nothing is wrong and I am not growing bored with our sexlife. I simply just like the Anime he insisted so hard I watched with him..
My rekindled hobby has caused some rather unfortunate comments on his behalf though, comments I find myself having a hard time letting go of. Apparently he has seen my attention, devotion and longing for him as me being dependent of him. And now that I'm not paying 120% attention to him at all times, I must've grown more independent..
Not to mention the comment about who or what I think about during sex.. urgh..

Anyway, I'm quite content and inspired these days, I have missed this so much..
Eventually, I will put my work online, writings on Fanfiction.net and pictures either here or Mediaminer.org. I have a ton of ideas already that I can't wait to share.

Edit: Having psycoloqy classes while writing this, results in some weird self analysing.. I should probably avoid that in the futur..

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