mandag den 5. december 2011

Acute Bronchitis

I couldn't just settle with the common cold, now, could I..
No I had to go and get borderline pneumonia and make a fool out of myself at the Doctor's clinic..
Better take it from the start..
The last 2 months, I've had the flu, a bladder infection, a sore throat and then a cold. The cold got a real good hold of my lousy immune system and started developing from a sniffle to coughing and on to me barely being able to breath, still coughing and in quite a lot of pain. It kept me awake all through last night and this morning, I felt like a truck had run over me once or twice. So I gave in and called the clinic.
It's located less than 1 km from our house and yet the trip up there left me dizzy and heaving for my breath and I was slightly panicking. As soon as my new Doctor looked at me and said I surely didn't look too good, if I had problems catching my breath, I could barely hold back tears and whimpered "I just want to breath but it hurts".
He caught me completely off guard with his kindness, I'm not used to that from doctors.
The poor man reflected my panic, guided me to the couch to lie down and ran off to get one of the older Doctors.
The older one got me to sit up, brought me tissues for my tears and running nose, caressed my back and told me ever so kindly to relax and try to take a real deep breath and hold it in. I couldn't do it, it made me cough and up came a few bloody stains. Through blurry eyes, I saw a worried frown. He noticed my dizziness and made me lie down before I fainted completely.
They listened to my lungs, drew a blood smear, listened some more and tried to make me relax more.
After about 10 minutes the older one told me he imagined I must be in a lot of pain because it seemed I had Acute Bronchitis and had a few minor lacerations on my mucosals which explained the blood.
There was a little attempted chitchat about where I lived(freaky that the old one knew the exact house without me saying anything but the street name) and what education I was doing. They were a little worried that I was to walk home alone but I assured them I was a lot less panicky and it was not that far away. Besides I has to drop by the pharmacy right on the way.
They prescribed  some pills that would both sooth the cough and the pain and I was well on my way.

As soon as I exited the clinic, clutching the prescription, the biggest and most beautiful snowflake hit my jacket and I couldn't help but smile..
I absolutely love winter and was worried I'd miss my annual walk in the very first snow fall.. And this is by far the best treatment I have ever had by clinic doctors.

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