fredag den 23. december 2011

The Night Before Christmas

For the past year, I have followed this girls blog. I've known her for years, though never really personally.
We've met occasionally at parties and other happenings, had a few conversations online over the years, but nothing special.
I must admit, I admire her. She seems so fragile and amazingly strong at the same time and she has quite a bunch of talents that fascinates me.
But even after following her blogs for this long, I rarely press 'send' when writing a comment. Simply because I don't want to seem like a stranger stalking her life..
I have often considered sending her a message saying I might just be a random stranger, but if she ever needs to talk, I have an ear. 'Cuz that girl's been through some tough stuff and still struggles with the consequences.
I never do it though. I know I couldn't offer her as much support and as close a friendship as she seems to deserve.  And to be honest, I haven't got the slightest clue weather or not she even likes my online attention or she'd rather I left her alone.

Anyway, it's Christmas eve tomorrow and I'm quite exited about it.. It won't be anything too fancy, just us three, my auntie and her two boys, I'm doing the cooking. Don't want my auntie to worry about the slightest thing this year, she really deserves a break and some pampering. We even bought a red wine I think she'll like, even though she so rarely let herself sit down with a glass..
The bedroom is stuffed with presents, mostly for Angel, from Jonas' family.. I wonder if any of us get anything from our wishlist, I doubt I will. But Angel will love anything she gets anyway, she's so exited just unwrapping stuff.
I have already prepared a ton of food and I keep thinking I should make more. Which is silly because I barely eat any of it myself. I just love making it.
But tomorrow is defiantly going to be amazing.

On another note:
She's now 8 weeks old, only 6 more to go before I can go get her!

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