lørdag den 9. juni 2012

Like the sister I never was.

I'll be wandering the streets, lost in my own little fantasy, daydreaming..
A dress catch my eye, it's offwhite, short, with embroidery on the back and I can't help but think it would look so good on you.
I push it out of my mind and continue, buy a vanilla latte and a piece of cake, sit down in a corner, enjoying the lonesomeness for the short time I have. A whiff of perfume from a girl with blond and black hair like yours. She's even your height.
I find my notepad and start scribbling, working on some characters for a yet unknown story, make some notes about looks and personality traits when a picture slips out from somewhere. It's a set of angel wings I printed because I want to make a picture for your son; you as an angel.
I pack my stuff and leave, I need some air. But it doesn't matter where I go, you seem to be everywhere. In the brown eyes of a stranger on the street, in a pair of heels I adore in a window, in the flower store I walk by.
I should have taken you with me on days like this, I think you would have liked it...
I would have bought you that dress and a hot chocolate instead of coffee and I could have been working on a new tattoo for you. I should have told you how much I liked your brown eyes and how good you were with flowers and how I envied how you could walk in heels everyday.
I should have been your sister when you needed a sister. I should have loved you like a sister is supposed to..

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