mandag den 27. august 2012

(not so)Short update.

So much have been going on and I want to write it all down, but whenever I try, the words seem to abandon me.

*My grandfather died two weeks ago. He was diagnosed with cancer in the middle of July, and after that it just went really fast, so he didn't suffer much.
I spend the last 3 days of his life sitting in a chair next to his bed at the hospital, holding his hand and I got to say a proper goodbye; how much he meant to me, he was an amazing grandfather and I loved him.

*I started school again but I've only been there for 4 out of 11 days because of the above written.
I was happy to discover that the leftovers from my old class have all been put in the new one too. Along with a bunch of teenage airheads, though, but I can live with that as long as I get to work mostly with Maria and Shirley.
The teachers, so far, seem pretty cool too and I will continue my weekly conversations with the school coach.

*Jonas and me are also trying to make the relationship more exiting and interesting again after a very boring routine seemed to have kicked in. We want to be better at talking, taking time for each other and do things together, like we used to.
So far, the talking and spending more time together has already improved and I'm loving it

*Angel is developing so fast and I can't believe she'll be in school in less than a year! Whenever we meet new people, they don't believe she only just turned 5 because she's so far ahead from many other 5 year olds(and she's tall as hell!). She speaks danish, obviously, but also know many english terms and scentences and often answer, in danish, a question I might have asked myself or Jonas, in english.
Here's a few of the things she can say:
-I love you very much!
-I'm thirsty.
-I know.
-she can count to 12.
-Here kitty-kitty.
-I want a kiss/hug
If anyone is in doubt, I'm very proud of my daughter ^.^

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