lørdag den 2. juli 2011

A rose is a rose..

There.. 2 years of blogging, deleted..
Except from a few posts that I felt like I needed to save..
The rest is gone and forgotten, there was nothing more I wanted to remember from that period of time. I'm turning over a new leaf, I guess you could say.

At this very moment, I'm awaiting a happily not-so-sober man to come home for a late night dinner.
I found the most beautiful red rose today when taking a walk with my daughter. I know he loves red roses.
But I didn't pluck it, didn't touch it, didn't want to ruin it's beauty.
So when he wakes up tomorrow and turn on his computer, the first thing he'll see, is a beautiful, bright red rose, covered in small drops of rain.

I took a picture of it.

He gave me a beautiful pocket watch when he came home. I can't take a proper picture of it but it looks a little like the one below except it has more details, golden hands and in the middle it says; TEMPUS EDAX RERUM. Time, devouring of all things.
I love it..

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