fredag den 20. april 2012


I'm 24 now.. twentyfour...
That means I've lived for 24 years and honestly I can't decide weather I think it's a lot or a little when I look at the number.. It feels like such a long time and yet.. Like my life has only just really begun.. Like my past was just a book I read a long time ago.
I guess that means I've moved on..

The day was what I expected it to be. Unpleasant..
But at least I was only confronted with a 'happy birthday!*insert fake overly joyous smile*' once and spend most of the day alone, working on an English assignment about my internship and the company.

Today though, I stayed home, send my assignment and made cake. It's way too sweet. So I'll pour a rum and coke instead and think big thoughts about life..

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