tirsdag den 8. maj 2012

Råbjerg Mile.

The moving sands..
Even on the quietest of days, it moves forward little by little.

I feel like I'm stuck..
Like every time I take a step forward, I'm pushed right back.. Sometimes, I even manage to take quite a few steps before being forced back.
And yet, somehow, I still manage to move forward..

Since January, I've lost 5 kg by doing not much at all. That's good.
But I have to admit I want 5 more gone.
It's not that I don't like my body or anything like that, but I'm not entirely satisfied either.
I'm very focused on BMI, even if it isn't entirely correct. Mine is too high. Not alarming, you're fat high, but enough to be unhealthy.
The ideal number for me is 22.. 
2+2 = 4, 4x2 = 8... 8 is my favorite number..
To be healthy, you also need exercise, so I've been considering joining a Taekwondo club again.
It's 10 years ago since I stopped and I've missed it ever since.
The feeling of being strong, capable of self defense and in balance..
I'll spend the summer getting in shape, going to the gym with Ayla. I'll find someone who can babysit Angel every Tuesday and then I'll join a club when they start new teams..
120,- a month is not much to pay for practicing martial arts twice a week and I remember how quickly my body changed and adapted last time. Granted, I was a young teenager back then, but I know it'll be much the same this time..
Anyone up for joining me?

Oh, on a more posetive note, I've started drawing again. Fanart..
Currently, I'm working on two pieces. Scenes from my fanfic.
I'm rusty as hell but I really enjoy it and it does make me a little proud to see I haven't entirely lost my touch. They'll be posted on my deviantart once they're done along with some 'in-process' sketches. 

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