onsdag den 13. februar 2013

Near Future Dreams

Despite how much I love winter; newfallen snow on a chrispy cold morning and having a cup of steaming cocoa while a blizzard is raging outside my window, I'm really looking forward to the spring when the ground is thawed and soft.
You see, I dream of remodeling the entire garden and fencing it in so the cats can enjoy the ourdoors in safe surroundings
I dream of having a terrasse where I can sit and enjoy brunch on a sunny morning in the weekends and fire up the barbequ in the evening, while the ladies enjoy the soft grass or chase insects or even birds.
I dream of Angel splashing around in a kiddy pool and a bundle of kittens explore the big world that is our garden, while I tend to my herbes and vegetables.
I dream of expanding the family with a perfect MCO Male, who will get his own residence and enclosure with a neutered companion. Of course I'll tend to them every day and make sure they're never lonely or lacking any comforts.

I always wondered how anyone could have cats that didn't live inside the house with the rest of the family, but the more I read and think and study about having a stud for breeding, the better I understand and the more appealing the idea seems.
A male cat sprays and dominates his territory. This is his nature and no amount of litterboxes, Feliway, training or scolding will prevent it. But by giving him his own residence and enclosure where he is allowed to follow his nature, you get a calmer and happier cat. By adding a neutered companion, you keep him social and friendly towards other cats. And of course by tending to him daily, you keep him cuddly and friendly towards you and other humans.
He can be as much of a family cat as any cat living in the house, it's just a matter of affection and efford.

I already have a pretty good idea how to create a good, warm and cozy home for such a King.
I'll ask the people upstairs if we can change basement, because their room has a window on the southside, by the patch that will turn into a terasse.
I'll section that room into two; one side for storage and the other will be made into a cat home. The window will be made into a door to the outside enclosure by adding a catdoor.
(Inspiration found on gittemarcussen.dk who has beautiful Birmans and dkbjoernholt.dk who has georgous MCO)

Of course this will be the last project in the garden, remodeling and fencing in comes first. Also, I have yet to actually find a stud.
My heart is already set on one, who's absolutely georgous. But unfortunately, the chance of me getting him is very slim, the current owner being unsure of weather she actually want to sell him or not.
He can be seen on misacoonz.com under their studs. His name is Yagami Light.
If I can't get him, I'll look for something of the same type; wide, muscular, big muzzle and lots of fluffy, soft fur.

Goodness, I wish spring would come soon so I can get started..

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