tirsdag den 5. februar 2013

Sudden Progress

The past month, Felina hasn't left my side for more than a few moments at the time, whenever I'm home. Which is most of the time.
She prefers to be curled up on either my stomach, chest, back or legs, but if there's no space for her there, she'll cuddle up next to me, so close that we're still touching.
Shirley on the other hand has managed to destroy most of the chritmas decorations I hadn't put in the basement yet. I assume she's bored and restless since Felina doesn't want to play these days.
But oh how I love those wonderful creatures.. Hopefully they'll welcome the new edition to the family I'm planning.

Anyway, since my school decided to cancle our agreement to let me be on paid sickleave, I had to contact my county office(Rebild Kommune) and apply for economic support.
Jonas went with me there Thursday last week and we got to talk to some very nice ladies who were quite understanding about my situation and within an hour, I had 3 new meetings arranged within the upcoming week; one to fix my economic situatiion, one with my caseworker and one with their psychologist.
Yesterday, we fixed the economy, tomorrow I'm seeing my new caseworker, Thursday I get money and Monday I'm seeing the psychologist. They want me to get all the help I need, on my own terms and in my own time. They all seem so incredibly nice and understanding which I am certainly not used to from my old county office(Aalborg kommune) who never really did anything but stress me out further when I asked for help.

Today I went to see my new doctor, because apparently the one who put me on sickleave isn't there full time.
I was very wary about suddenly having to talk to a new doctor about everything and it was really difficult to get out the door. Having to sit and wait 40 minutes in the waiting lounge didn't help the situation.
When my name was called, I recognized the man as the one who panicked when I came in with acute bronchitis. Oh no..
But as soon as I sat down in his office and we started talking, he seemed genuinly interested, curious and very professional. My physical healt seemed to concern him a great deal too, so he asked me to get my old medical journal transfered to them because it tells about my previous problems with dizziness, passing out, low vitamine counts etc. He wants to check if my condition might be caused by something physical.
He was very pleased that I already have an appointment with the psychologist who he seemed to know and approve of and he's satisfied with my current medication.
Also, he wants to see me weekly for consultations about depression and anxiety as well as a bunch of tests. Next consultation has been scheduled; after the meeting monday so I just have to get off the train and go see him.

Suddenly, a lot of progress is happening all at once.

Lousy picture, I know..

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