tirsdag den 30. juli 2013


I turned 25 in April and for the first time in many years, I quite enjoyed the day.
Especially the dinner at the Chinese restaurant my grandmother always held her birthdays at.

Angel turned 6 in July and it was a great day spend at the zoo before we had dinner at my mother's place.
Angel herself absolutely enjoyed it and decided she wants a goat in the garden some day ^.^'
She had a bunch of nice presents; a pool, a travel dvd player, a cd player, cd's, clothes and some toys, but she was way too tired to play with any of it after we came back from the zoo.
At the zoo, she got an african braid and some small dinosaurs after seeing their dinosaur display that was a lot less impressive than I thought it'd be.
She impressed the staff by knowing quite a lot about the different stuffed animals, furs and feet/paws they had put out for people to touch and learn about. I'm so proud of her!
I really want a Family Season Pass so we can go there whenever.

Jonas just turned 24 this Saturday and it turned out a little different than planned ^.^'
We stared the day by staying up all night, cleaning and watching Attack On Titan and getting breakfast ready for his parents who arrived at 9 and as promised brought a new, much needed vaccume cleaner.
Angel was picked up at the trainstation in Aalborg in the afternoon and afterwards Jonas and I went to do a bit of shopping before going to see World War Z with Rita(our 'extra kid') and her new boyfriend.
We were supposed to just grab a single drink on Irish House afterwards but ended up spending all night in town with Dan and Malene to eventually crash on Dan's couch.
It's was a great day/night, I'd say and Jonas really seemed to enjoy himself.
I still need owe him a present though, we agreed that it'd be much cooler if I fused his birthday and upcoming anniversery present into a 2tb portable harddrive ^.^

Sadly, I got no pictures of his birthday...

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