tirsdag den 16. juli 2013

Long Overdue Update

So it's literally been months since my last post and so much has happened since.
I can't really even begin to try and put it all in here, so I'll lightly go through the most important things and later on write indebth blogs about them seperatly.

Oh goodness I love that city!
We were there for 5 days and on the 3. Jonas proposed to me at The Eye Of London with a black ceramic ring with 4 small diamonds <3 br="">Not a day was spend relaxing as there was so much we wanted to see and ended up walking 15-20 km daily, and still we only managed to see half of it. But so far, chinatown in Gerrad street and Camden Lock is my favorite places to go.

It's amazing. It's great. I'm so in love ^.^'

I started a new course, well two technically..
Every Thursday and every second wednsday. I meet up with two different groups witht the same coach to do mindfullness which is a type of meditation.
It's become a tool I use almost daily to find inner peace and accept the present and also it works wonders in anxiety situations.

*Getting better
Of course it's still a struggle, but I must say the bad days are further and further apart. I feel pretty good most of the time and I even sleep more than I ever did my entire life.

I still don't know if I'm in or not, but I really do hope I get to start my 2. year over in august. If not, I'll just have to work harder, get better and reapply for january!

*The garden
I didn't fence it all in but I have made an outdoor enclosure for the ladies.
The people upstairs also seem a little more keen on working on the garden so we can all get some good use out of the potential it holds. Yay!

*My Angel is now 6 years old!
She got a bunch of really nice presents including a cd player and a 'small' pool and the day was spend at the zoo, checking out the dinosaur display they have going on. An petting the goats. repeaditly. There was lots of goat petting o.0
Also, he called and wrote. Sounding as pathetic as ever, claiming he's changed and think about her, no us, actually, every day..

I think that was about it for now but I'll update again shortly..

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