mandag den 31. oktober 2011

The Dream

-is becoming reality..

We found this amazing little house for rent. 2 bedrooms and a big garden with delicious apples and so much potential.
It needs a little work here and there but it's cheap and the owner seems very nice and open to our suggestions about fixups and changes.
I already have a ton of plans for the basement and garden. We're talking about getting the basement properly isolates so it can be used as a gaming, office and creativity area. Maybe even a place for some extra kink.
The garden is to be weeded out, groomed and entirely fenced in so the cat(yes, currently I only have one, update on that in next blog) and hopefully her futur kittens can roam around with us without me having to worry. I want to be able to just open the front door and let them out without them being a bother to the neighbours or risk they get lost or catch any transmittet diseases from ferral animals.
I see myself sitting on the lawn, playing with a kitten or two while jonas is preparing steaks on the grill and Angel eating an freshly plugged strawberry on her swing..

We moved in this weekend and already the first night here, I slept better than I've done in a long time.. I love this place so much already.

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